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We are holding a fundraiser that support upcoming event:  KATMA’s 5th Anniversary Celebration.
Martial Arts Tournaments.
This kick-a-thon is also a marketing event for businesses and groups since KATMA is a for profit entity.
September. Thursday, September 1st, 5:30PM-7:30 PM we will be hosting our kick-a-thon fundraiser. Our kick-a-thon event requires students to kick targets as many times as possible.
Pledgers offer to pay $0.25 per kick for KATMA students. Local businesses or groups can take part and provide a team.
Organization’s Team Option:
Your organizations can create a team of 2-6 members. Each team achieves their goals by performing a collective number of kicks as a group. Minimum number of kicks to be achieved is 200 as a team.  Each kick for a group member is worth $ 0.50 per kick.

The Kick-A-Thon will be held at 5:30 PM on Thursday, September 1st. An alternate date to participate is during the anniversary event Sat., September 10th.
Volunteers are needed to assist. We need individuals to count kicks, to hold pads and to record the results on the pledge sheet.  We are intending to stream the event
Organization Sponsors/Partners Options:
Your group can pay for sponsorship. The cost of sponsorship is $100. The deadline for partnership for this year is September 30, 2022.
Sponsors  will be featured on our social media. Links and logos of each participating partner will be posted.
A promotional banner will be created and displayed to advertise partners.  The banner will be displayed at all future community events, table setups, demonstrations and tournaments attended by KATMA for a full year.

The methods can be used to make donate to the fundraiser:
Venmo, Cash App, Pay-pal options are available.
All deposits should be made to KATMA no later than Friday, September 26th. Any checks will be made out to Freeman Business Group, LLC

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