The Filipino art of stick fighting is known by Escrima, Kali or Arnis.  At KATMA we prefer to use Escrima. Escrima is known to be one of the most effective systems of weapons training. It is know best for the use of sticks, knives, swords and empty hand techniques.  They can be seen in movies like “Bourne Identity” or “ Book of Eli”.

We are the only school in the greater Savannah area that teach an actual Filipino system. Our system is called  Lameco Escrima “Backyard Escrima style”.  This system specializes on the concept of  three distant  distances for offense and defense. Long “ Largo”, middle “Medio” and Close “ Corto” and that is how we get the acronym and name LAMECO.

Women's Self-defense

Confidence, Empowerment, Inter-Strength Situation Awareness.  These are good reasons to learn self-defense Muggings and sexual assaults happens to often and many people are not prepared. At KATMA we teach a national women’s self-defense course called Rape, Aggressor, Defense (RAD). It is not just a class it is an experience. Learn the concepts, techniques and strategies to prevent or fight off a possible attack.  “You Can Do It”.

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