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Safety Education, Empowering Defense


KATMA will be spearheading the SEED program

 in the Savannah and Low Country area.

SEED is a section of the STRIVE4YOU organization.

SEED replaces the previous organization known as the 1Touch Project.

This program focuses on providing a holistic approach to personal safety and self-defense to people who are blind and low vision.

Learn more about the benefits of the program and inquire about training.


Safety Education and Empowering Defense is STRIVE4you’s self-defense program that has been developed by the blind for the blind. We strive to build and grow a culture around safety and security for all. There are 2core services to the program. First, our hands on self-defense program. Second,

our online safety education course that will bring new courses every season of life. Our services provide a wide variety of tools and skills for individuals wishing to learn some techniques on personal safety as well as many other tips.

There are 3 types of instructors in the SEED program. First is our Certified Safety Education Instructor. This type of instructor only teaches our safety education courses. Then our Certified Self Defense Instructor. This type of instructor can teach their own self-defense course in their local area. The third type of instructor is our Advanced Certified Self Defense Instructor which can teach anywhere. They also, have a more in-depth training process to go through to become certified to ensure the best services possible. Our Advanced Certified Instructors mentor any new instructors in our program.


Training with the previous program.

1Touch™ Self-Defense Project for the Blind

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