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KATMA Tae Kwon Do Summer Program 2023
June 5-9 and 12- 16

The KATMA Tae Kwon Do Summer program is an fun but intensive leadership course for 8-15 year old's.

Each student will take on "roles of responsibly" daily.

Responsibilities such as taking attendance and accountability; time keeping and daily class scheduling; cleaning schedules; assuming team leader positions and more.....

 No martial arts experience is required.

There are two, five day (Monday to Friday) training programs.

The first week is the basic program and the second week is the intermediate and advance program.

The basic program is geared towards students with limited or no experience.

For those with any experience the first week will be a continuation of basic foundations and techniques. Each day there will be additional improvements and refinement of techniques.

The second week will be a review of the previous week. During week 2, advance techniques in poomse (forms), self-defense, sparring, Korean terminology, practical anatomy and introduction to weapons are presented.

Students that participate in both weeks may test to be promoted one belt level up. Presented with a certificate of participation and a certificate of promotion and a belt embroidered with their name.

What to expect:

  • Basic Tae Kwon Do kicks and punches - learning basic skills to build

  • Character and Team building Games and Events - designed to develop balance, strength, agility, teamwork, and more!

  • Poomse ( Forms/Patterns) - focusing on memorization, proficiency and overall skill development!

  • Anti-bullying tactics - Awareness, Avoid and De-escalation.

  • Real-World Self-Defense Instruction

  • Martial Arts Weapons in the 2nd week

  • Presented with certificate of completion at the end of the week.

  • Testing and promotion ( only for students that participate during all 10 days  )

This programs provides training World Tae Kwon Do  "Tae Guek" poomse.

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